Fresh water bill payment system

The online payment system for fresh water bills of esteemed subscribers of Qom city was launched

According to the head of Sazeh Sazan Company's subscriber affairs, the citizens of Qom can now pay their fresh water bills through the Sazeh Sazan Company's website.

Freshwater branch subscribers can access this system and pay for their consumed water by using the payment link sent in their bill SMS.

Persian Gulf desalination project

Transfer of 550 million cubic meters of fresh water in the Persian Gulf water transfer project

The Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade announced the country's annual need for two million vehicles. He also said that with the completion of three important and national project lines for the transfer of Persian Gulf desalination water to the Central Plateau of Iran, a total of 550 million cubic meters of fresh water will be transferred from the Persian Gulf to the Central Plateau of Iran.

Persian Gulf desalination project

With the arrival of the Persian Gulf desalination plant, the country's freshwater production capacity increased by 50%

The largest desalination complex in the country with a capacity of producing 200 million liters of fresh water per day and investing more than one hundred million dollars by the private sector in the presence of the President, Ministers of Industry and Energy and provincial officials, was put into operation west of Bandar Abbas.

Persian Gulf desalination project

Exploitation of the first phase of the country's largest desalination plant in Bandar Abbas, Persian Gulf water reached the central plateau of Iran

According to the report of the Provinces Group of the Young Journalists Club from Hormozgan, the first phase of the 1.5 million cubic meter desalination plant in Bandar Abbas with a desalination capacity of 200,000 cubic meters of sea water was put into operation overnight by the order of the President and via video conference.

Persian Gulf desalination project

Governor of Hormozgan: Environmental standards have been included in the Persian Gulf desalination project

The governor of Hormozgan said: The 1 million cubic meter desalination project in Bandar Abbas is one of the country's super-projects in the water desalination sector, in which about eight thousand billion tomans of Rial investment and 500 million euros of foreign exchange investment have been made so far.

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