Persian Gulf Desalination Plant
Persian Gulf Desalination Plant
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Persian Gulf Water Desalination Plant

Due to the increasing water demand of populated regions, industries, and mines located in Hormozgan and neighboring provinces and the existence of a open seas water source which is the Persian Gulf, the construction of Saghi-Kowsar water desalination plant with a final production capacity of one million cubic meters per day was decided by the industrial firms of central Iran from the beginning of 2012. SazehSazan company was awarded the BOO construction of the first phase of this strategic mega project, named as Persian Gulf water desalination plant in 2017.

This project was put into operation in 2020 with the construction of water intake, wastewater disposal, and pre-treatment and treatment facilities for desalination using the reverse osmosis method.

Water, a symbol of national development

The hot and dry climate of central and southeastern Iran, combined with the need to develop industries and mines located in this area, has increased the need to desalinate and use the of the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman water sources.

Therefore, by following the path of successful examples in the world, seawater in the Persian Gulf desalination complex is desalinated by reverse osmosis method and is transferred to industries and dense population centers of Hormozgan, Kerman, and Yazd provinces by a pipeline with a length of more than 800 kilometers. It plays an important role in achieving sustainable development in the Central Plateau of Iran.

Persian Gulf Desalination Complex has increased the country's drinking water provision by 73 million cubic meters per year, and in practice has prevented the consumption of this amount of water from the country's underground strategic reserves.

Project Targets

 Construction of seawater desalination plant and desalination plant by reverse osmosis method with a capacity of 400,000 cubic meters per day.
 Drinking and industrial water supply in Hormozgan, Kerman and Yazd provinces, especially water supply required by large units in industries and mines and increasing economic prosperity.

Project Location

Hormozgan Province, Bandar Abbas, Persian Gulf Industrial Town, Iran.

Persian Gulf Main Desalination Units


Pre-treatment Unit:

 Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF)
 Dual Media Gravity Filtration System (DMGF)
 Feed Pumps
 Cartridge filters

Desalination Unit:

 High-pressure pumps
 Modules of high-pressure vessels
 Energy Recovery Devices (ERD)

Post-treatment Unit:

 Brine and treated water pump station and pipelines to off-taker
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