Qom City Desalination Plant
Qom City Desalination Plant
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Qom City Water Desalination Plant

Qom is the seventh largest metropolis and also the seventh largest city in Iran. It is located 140 km to the south of Tehran. At the 2016 census, its population was 1,201,158. It is situated on the banks of the Qom River.

The city is the largest center for Shi'a scholarship in the world, and is a significant destination of pilgrimage, with around twenty million pilgrims visiting the city every year, the majority being Iranians but also other Shi'a Muslims from all around the world.

Qom has a hot desert climate with low annual rainfall due to remoteness from the sea and being situated in the vicinity of the subtropical anticyclone aloft. Summer weather is very hot and essentially rainless, whilst in winter weather can vary from warm to – when Siberian air masses are driven south across the Elburz Mountains by blocking over Europe – frigid.

Due to the salinity of potable water and the need of residents and pilgrims of Qom for quality drinking water, SazehSazan Company has taken a significant step towards satisfying the water requirements of this city by investing in the construction of desalination facilities as well as distribution network for the desalinated drinking water. As a result, now more than one million people can benefit from the quality drinking water produced in this complex. The drinking water is produced using four desalination units with desired quality parameters and under the supervision of Qom Water and Sewerage authority.

Fresh Water Distribution Network

The desalinated drinking water produced by SazehSazan company is distributed through the second distribution network dedicate to distribution of desalinated water, with a total length of more than 200 km, which was built by the Water and Sewerage Company of Qom Province. It should be noted that the mentioned network is independent of the existing tap water network in the city of Qom and SazehSazan company is responsible for its maintenance and operation.

Project Targets

 Urban water desalination.
 Transfer of fresh water to household, office, industrial, cultural and tourist centers in Qom.
 Design, commissioning and development of fresh water vending machine.

Project Location

Qom province, Qom city, Ghadir boulevard, Iran.

Fresh Water Sales Network

The freshwater distribution network operates in three configurations

Water Vending Machine:

Citizens can get the needed water from 300 units of water vending machine all over the town using a prepaid smartcard.

Branching to High Consumption Centers:

The water required for residential houses and public places such as hospitals, hotels, schools, etc. is connected to SazehSazan's network.

Tanker Filling Stations:

Several tanker filling stations have been installed for suburban areas which are far away from distribution network, to provide the water needed by the factories and towns around the city of Qom.
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