Persian Gulf desalination project

With the arrival of the Persian Gulf desalination plant, the country's freshwater production capacity increased by 50%

The largest desalination complex in the country with a capacity of producing 200 million liters of fresh water per day and investing more than one hundred million dollars by the private sector in the presence of the President, Ministers of Industry and Energy and provincial officials, was put into operation west of Bandar Abbas.

With the start of operation of this complex, more than 70 million cubic meters of fresh water was added to the country's waters annually. The main part of the produced fresh water will be transferred to the industrial complexes located in the central provinces of Iran using an 800 km long pipeline and another part of it will be used for drinking in Hormozgan province. It is worth mentioning that this national project has been implemented with the investment of Sazeh Sazan Company (owner and operator of water desalination plant), Gole Gohar Mining and Industrial Company, Sarcheshmeh Copper Company and Chadormalu Mining and Industrial Company.

Some of the important benefits of this project are providing drinking water and helping the growth of industry in the water-scarce provinces of the country (Hormozgan, Kerman and Yazd), especially supplying water needed by large units in industries and mines and increasing economic prosperity in these areas. Also, other benefits of this plan are access to raw materials (seawater) available, safe and unlimited.

So far, the capacity of desalination plants in operation in the country has been about 400,000 cubic meters per day, and with the entry of this complex into the production cycle, the production capacity of fresh water in the country has increased by 50%.

With the increasing irregular water abstraction from the plains and the need to create sustainable water resources, countries are prioritizing the supply of water from unconventional sources. According to experts, in the current situation and due to climate change and the continuation of the drought phenomenon, we need more than ever to supply water in new ways, such as the use of desalination technology.

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