Persian Gulf desalination project

Governor of Hormozgan: Environmental standards have been included in the Persian Gulf desalination project

The governor of Hormozgan said: The 1 million cubic meter desalination project in Bandar Abbas is one of the country's super-projects in the water desalination sector, in which about eight thousand billion tomans of Rial investment and 500 million euros of foreign exchange investment have been made so far.

The Governor of Hormozgan this morning (November 25) during a visit to the implementation process of the 1 million cubic meter desalination plant in the Persian Gulf, the condition of part of this desalination plant with a daily transfer capacity of 40,000 cubic meters of water to the city of Khamir and surrounding villages. The President inaugurated, visited and inspected.

According to the governor of the first phase of the Persian Gulf desalination plant, one million cubic meters of Bandar Abbas, called the Saqi Kowsar National Project, will soon arrive with a daily transfer capacity of 200,000 cubic meters, with the aim of providing part of the water needs of industry, agriculture and drinking water in Hormozgan, Kerman and Yazd provinces. The circuit is generated.

Hemmati, while visiting the desalination plant, which is designed and being implemented with a capacity of one million cubic meters, said: "This project is one of the country's super-projects in the water desalination sector, which has so far invested about eight thousand billion tomans in Rials and 500 million euros in foreign exchange." has taken.

He added: "A very complex water desalination system should have been implemented by external factors before, but due to sanctions and the efforts of engineers, internal jihadist manpower and a group of good managers who are the founders of this investment, more than 70% of knowledge And the technology used in this project is native.

The governor of Hormozgan described the experience gained in this project as a great success beyond the water desalination project and said: "We can use this success and localized knowledge, especially in the conditions of sanctions, which do not give us many machines and equipment." Do other projects to use.

Hemmati stated that in the first phase of the 1 million cubic meter desalination project in Hormozgan, 200,000 cubic meters of desalination water will be desalinated. Today, on a trial basis, a part of Hormozgan water's share of this desalination plant entered the circuit with a daily transfer capacity of 40,000 cubic meters. The water of Khamir city and surrounding villages will be supplied from Hormozgan desalination system for another few hours.

Referring to the operation of the second phase of the 1 million cubic meter desalination plant in Bandar Abbas by the end of 1400, he added: "The investment made by the country's large mines in the provinces of Kerman and Yazd created a large capacity for Hormozgan to create these desalination plants." Drinking water of Bandar Abbas city and surrounding villages and Khamir city, through the first desalination plant of Bandar Abbas, which has been constructed with a capacity of 100,000 cubic meters and two phases have been put into operation so far, as well as the first phase of the second desalination plant. And has created stability in drinking water for the two cities of Bandar Abbas and Khamir.

Hemmati also said: Necessary planning has been done to supply drinking water to the agricultural and industrial sectors of Hajiabad city and other villages along the water transmission line to Kerman and Yazd provinces, and the necessary forecast has been made for it.

The Governor of Hormozgan, while congratulating the investors, private sector, personnel and experts who participated in the realization of this super project, said: "Doing this great project, on the one hand, makes the great nation of Iran happy and on the other hand, relying on the knowledge and experience gained security It will provide an opportunity for industry activists to invest in various industrial and agricultural fields.

He considered the implementation of this project as a clear example of the realization of a resistance economy and the prosperity of production as one of the most important concerns of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution and said: What is important is the belief that we can meet the country's water needs And provide the Caspian Sea for the prosperity of the agricultural industry and the development of drinking water resources.

Hemmati added: "Supplying water to areas that are deprived of the blessings of safe and hygienic drinking water is the result of several years of efforts, thoughts and various issues and conflicts of various organizations, which is such a big event with the efforts of the youth of this border."

The governor of Hormozgan, stating that the people of Hormozgan had good cooperation and cooperation to make this project a success, said: "Environmental standards for the implementation of this project will be fully monitored and studied with a complete scientific study."

Referring to the applicants' readiness to deliver desalination effluent, he specified: "Preliminary planning has been done for the delivery of desalination effluent number one and two in Bandar Abbas for industrialization to the applicants."

The governor of Hormozgan also visited the 1,400 mm water transmission line from the 100,000 cubic meter desalination plant to the Dam reservoirs in Bandar Abbas.

According to him, the transfer of the desalination line to Damahi will be the lifeblood of Bandar Abbas water, which is 33 km long and with more than 90% physical progress, with the aim of optimal transfer of water to reservoirs east of Bandar Abbas and mixing production sources.

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