Persian Gulf desalination project

Transfer of 550 million cubic meters of fresh water in the Persian Gulf water transfer project

The Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade announced the country's annual need for two million vehicles. He also said that with the completion of three important and national project lines for the transfer of Persian Gulf desalination water to the Central Plateau of Iran, a total of 550 million cubic meters of fresh water will be transferred from the Persian Gulf to the Central Plateau of Iran.

Alireza Razmeh Hosseini in a TV program about the project to transfer water from the Persian Gulf to the Central Plateau of Iran, said: The implementation of this project is the responsibility of the Ministry of Silence and with the investment of large mining companies and the operation of this project is a big event and a great change Will create a transmission route in the provinces.

Serious executive operations to transfer the water began in the 11th government, with the president receiving $ 400 million in facilities from the National Development Fund.

The Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade said that the first phase of the project was inaugurated by the President a few months ago. The facility, for which the installments are also paid, the rest of the costs are provided by the same companies and the private sector.

Construction of about 70% of desalination plants in the country

Razm Hosseini, stating that about 70% of the desalination plant has been built in the country, clarified: During the implementation of this project, about 4 people were employed and 16 thousand billion tomans have been invested.

He stressed that the purpose of this project was to supply water to large mineral units in the country: the water transfer project will start from Hormozgan province and will be transferred to Kerman, South Khorasan to Razavi Khorasan and can develop greenhouse industries and industrial units and Great mineral help these provinces. Within the next two months, this transfer route will continue and the water of the Persian Gulf will go to Sarcheshmeh and Ardakan for the Chadormelo mines. The length of this route will be 820 km from Bandar Abbas at the origin to Ardakan and Sarcheshmeh and the diameter of the pipe is from 1000 mm to 1600 mm. The salt concentration of this water will increase from 45,000 cc to 500 cc, which will also be drinkable.

Completion of the project until May 1400

Minister Samat emphasized that our country's share of Oman Sea and Persian Gulf water should be increased. This transfer is the largest amphibious project in the country, the continuation of which will be completed in Ardakan by the end of May at the latest, and along the way, towns and industrial areas can also benefit from this water.

The water price of this project is 20% cheaper than the countries bordering the Persian Gulf

Razm Hosseini also said that in terms of price compared to the Persian Gulf countries, including Oman and the UAE, the price of this water is 20% cheaper, said: After the success of the first line of water transfer from the Persian Gulf (to Yazd) by order of the President Studies for the second and third lines of water transfer (for Khorasan Razavi and Isfahan) have also begun and in total these three lines will transfer 550 million cubic meters of fresh water from the Persian Gulf to the central plateau of Iran.

The second and third line operations will start soon

Announcing that the first line of transmission will be fully operational within the next two or three months at the latest, he said: "The first part of the first line was fully inaugurated by the President a few months ago and the second line will start soon. In this water line, it goes from Hormozgan to Kerman and South Khorasan and finally Khorasan Razavi (Mashhad Reza) and the water reaches Sangan mines.

Razm Hosseini announced the length of the second transmission line as 2 km and the number of pumping stations as 21, and said: "The potential for creating this project is 30,000 people, which will be completed by 1404." The second line of water transfer is to transfer water from the Persian Gulf to the holy city of Mashhad with an investment volume of 47,000 billion tomans and a volume of 230 million cubic meters per year.

Regarding the third line, the official said: "This line starts from Hormozgan province, goes to Yazd province and finally reaches Isfahan, and steel, steel and industrial companies along the way can benefit from this water."

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