About us

The high grow rate of water consumption and the limitation in water resources on one hand and the need to provide water for the urban, industrial and agricultural sectors on the other hand have made water as a main priority for Iran in the coming years. In this regard, and according to the restriction of government in developing,  the participation of private sector is required.

Sazeh sazan Company is one of the leaders in private sector to invest and develop production drinking water in all parts of Iran with the support of Ministry of Power and by relying on its experienced managers and manpower, the firm has been able to take effective steps towards providing healthy drinking water in underdeveloped areas of Iran and helping the Iranian government to achieve development goals.


A corporated company with a top spot as a developer in producing drinking and industrial water at high international levels of standards


The mission of Sazeh sazan Company is to work in the field of water to provide healthy water for each Iranian citizen. By relying on the experience of its managers and the efficiency of its manpower, the firm is trying to be a corporated investor in water industry on a B.O.O. basis and bring surplus value to the beneficiaries.

The field of activities of Sazeh sazan Company covers the following:

  • Investment for the implementation of water production projects on behalf of water and sewage companies, industrial settlements, and other big industries and new settlements in Iran
  • Using modern technology and methods in producing drinking and industrial water according to the needs of the customers and international environmental standards
  • Optimal management of  his projects
  • Investment for providing water for major customers and also installing desalination  plant and water treatment and waste water treatment


Active participation in large scale projects with maximum capacity and new technologies that are used on a B.O.O. regarding customers requirements