Qom desalination plant

As a religious and historic city, Qom is visited by nearly 10 million pilgrims annually and the people of Qom have been suffering from water shortage for long years. Considering Qom’s needs, Sazeh sazan Company, in cooperation with the Ministry of Power and the Water and Sewage Company of Qom province, took along step to meet the needs of Qom’s people by building and operating desalination plant and distributing the drinking water for 1 million residents.

Features of Qom desalination project:

Type of contract B.O.O
Year of operation 2006
Type of desalination system Reverse osmosis (RO)
Production capacity 6,000 cubic meters per day
Duration of contract 8 years

Water providing process:

The drinking water is provided by installing desalinating systems with a capacity of 6,000 cubic meters per day with a high quality under the supervision of the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education.

Drinking water distribution:

A desalinated water is distributed along Qom through the transmission line with 200 km length which has been constructed by Qom water & sewage company and it is operated and maintained by Sazeh sazan Company .

Selling process :

Water is sold to customers using the following methods:

Credit cards systems (Absar stations): Using this method, residents of Qom can provide the required water from 270 Absar automatic units that have been installed across the city.

Branching installation: In this method, the required water of residents and public places like hospitals, hotels, schools, etc… shall be provided directly through Qom desalination water network upon request.

Bulk selling: In this method, water for factories and Qom province small towns shall be   provided by installing and filling tankers across Qom